Call for Lightning Talks


Core C++ will include a lightning talk session, which will take place at the end of the first day of the conference (May 15). Lightning talks are faster and lighter than regular conference talks. Each talk slot will be at least 5 minutes, longer talks may be allowed if time permits. We suggest two talk categories, but you are certainly welcome to propose a different kind of talk:

  1. Quick and Dirty - talks covering a limited topic, incomplete work or merely introducing a broad idea. A good Quick and Dirty talk should crisply present the covered topic - no time to deep dive into the details. A successful talk will motivate participants to further explore the topic at their leisure. And, for bonus points, will also be entertaining!

  2. Crazy++ - talks presenting far-fetched, thought-provoking, unconventional and possibly unrealistic ideas. While Crazy++ talks can be a bit outrageous, they should try to present an out-of-the box solution to a real problem. An Ideal Crazy++ talk should be creative, visionary and passionate. It needs not be complete, practical or immediately useful.

Core C++ participants are hereby invited to submit a lightning talk. The submission deadline is May 5th. Acceptance notifications will be sent a few days later, including the actual duration of lightning talks.

Sumbit yours:

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